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Pokemon - Voltorb Does Not Sound Well
In this episode they screw up with the voice of the voltorb. As pokemon fans know. voltorb voice is something very robotic that made with special sound effects.
Voltorb voice is also need to be higher then electrode.
Anyway. Its a big screw up because the following reasons:
First: The voltorb in this episode sound just like
the voice of electrode (Don't get mistaken. he is still saying its name like any other pokemon)
Second: At the end of the episode when ash and his friends say good bye to voltorb his voice is suddenly without any electronic effects , they just got someone to say: "Voltorb! voltorb!"
with No special sound effect! I guess they was running out of money or they just been lazy but I think its another big screw up that the USA voice actors of pokemon did...
Special Requirements:
Watching the episode: "electrode collecting"
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on 03-20-2001
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Duo God of Death writes:
There are different voices for people, so why not for different species of Pokémon? For example in the exam episode of Pokémon where Ash only has an Arbok, Weezing, and Meowth to battle with (He was given them) his opponent uses all of the Eevee evolutions (Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon). In that episode Jolteon says its name in a high pitched female voice like "Jol-tee-on!" But in a later episode where Ash has to take care of the magnamite with the help of some cowboy's Jolteon, Jolteon barks his name like a dog. Just a short "Jolt! Jolt! Jolt!" Another example is the evil Pikachu in Pokemon the 1st movie, he sounds a little different than Ash's Pikachu. So, this is not a slip-up, because 2 different Pokémon the same species are allowed to have a different voice.
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Timtim writes:
Perhaps Voltorb's voice isn't always robotic with sound effects. I mean, look at Oddish's voice from the Kanto series to the Johto series; it's changed, in the American version. Also, voices among Pokemon differ; I've heard two different Pikachus who sound different in that episode where Ash fights Richie. Therefore, defining Voltorb's voice to be "robotic with sound effects" is essentially narrating how Voltorb should and should not sound like, and that's not fair because one who says that is acting like the writers of the show, something they are not. If this counter argument is unacceptable, maybe under happy circumstances Voltorb sounds less robotic and less human. I mean, Voltorb has had a good time playing with Togepi, and when it was finally free it became so happy that it didn't sound robotic. I'd see that as an acceptable theory.
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Mars Guo writes:
Basically, that's the deal. They're very inconsistent with the way they dub certain Pokemon's voices, for one reason or another. Often they change the way a Pokemon talks because certain voice actors aren't available, but usually it's just to save money. Take the Dance of the Bellossom in P2K the movie--the Caterpie say "Caterpie" very clearly, while the original Caterpie just warbled comically. I wouldn't call it a slip-up, because they MUST have known what they were doing, but it is annoying.
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zzo38 writes:
The voice keeps changing between old and new.
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