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Golden Girls, The - A List of Golden Slipups
(1) In the episode where the girls have a talent show and Rose claims Bob Hope is her father, she says that the Nylunds were her adoptive family. When in all of the other episodes, the name of the family who raised her was: Lindstrom. Nylund was her late husband's last name.
(2) Also, in that episode, Rose claims to have been in an orphanage until she was about 8 years old. In a later episode, when she meets her natural father, she tells her father that she was adopted when she was a baby.
(3) Dorothy always claims to be married to Stan for 38 years. When the show begins they have been divorced for two years. Dorothy and Sophia also both say on a regular basis that Dorothy got knocked up and had to marry Stan. That would make at least one of her kids about 40 years old. Both of her children are shown several times and not once do they look past 30 years old.
(4) When Dorothy's son, Michael, announces he is getting married, Dorothy repeatedly says he is only 23 years old. In a later episode, which was not that much later, Dorothy constantly says during an episode that he is 30 years old.
(5) In a lot of Sophia's stories the dates don't match up with her age. One date she likes to use is 1912. When the show premiered she claimed she was about 80 years old. It was 1985. That's a 73 year difference. Sophia would have been about 7 years old and in most of her stories she is having sex.
(6) Sophia's appearance changes a great deal in the first season. However in a flashback episode, it shows Sophia visiting from Shady Pines before she moved in with them. She does not look the way she did in the early episodes. She looks like she did in the later episodes.
(7) The names of Blanche and Rose's children don't match. Rose doesn't mention Bridgett when she is listing the name of her children. Blanche mentions children that you've never heard of and leaves off a couple.
(8) Blanche claims in one episode that her husband was sick for a long time before he died. In another episode she claims he died in a car accident.
(9) The lania was always to the right of the door but in the first episode that's where they claim Blanche's bedroom is. In later episodes her bedroom is at the end of the hall with everyone else's.
(10) When Big Daddy is first shown he tells Blanche he sold their house but in a later episode when he dies, Blanche goes home to the mansion. It's never mentioned that he bought it back.
(11) In the first episode that you see Kiersten, she seems to be all for Rose living with Blanche, Dorothy & Sophia. But in the episode where Rose is having a triple bypass she acts as though she can't stand them and doesn't understand why Rose likes living with them.
(12) Dorothy grew up and went to school in Brooklyn. But her reunion was in Miami.
(13) How was some of these people be able to find the girls? They claim to have looked them up. But some of them do not know their married names. It would have been very hard to find them.
(14) Dorothy claims in the episode where Phil died, that there was only about a 6 year age difference between her and Phil. But when Sophia and Dorothy go back to Brooklyn there is a flashback of when Phil was a baby. Dorothy looks about 10-12 years old.
(15) Dorothy's was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigure Syndrome. It was a major storyline in the two episodes it was mentiond. But it was never mentioned again. Surely it didn't just go away just like that.
(16) Sophia hated Shady Pines more than anything. Now I know they had to come up with a reason to put Sophia in Empty Nest but why did she go back to Shady Pines in Empty Nest when she hated it so much?
(17) Remember Marvin and Sarah? They wanted Sophia to take Sarah's place as Marvin's wife when she died. Well..they lived in Miami same as the girls but Max Winestock lived in Brooklyn but their houses were identical!
(18) Speaking of things looking identical...the station where Rose looks on the outside looks exactly like the one where the game show "Grab That Dough" was taped in California. Even has the same name.
(19) In the first scene that you see Max in he says that Sal felt so guilty for gambling away all the money they had in the business that he never gambled again. However, in the episode where Dorothy has a gambling problem, Sophia says that she's the one who got Sal to quit gambling.
(20) Dorothy says she was just a child when Sophia's mother dies..but during the Mother's Day epsiode Sophia tells a story of when her mother came to live with her and Sal and Dorothy was an adult in it.
(21) In one of the early episodes, Rose faints after Blanche annoucnes she may be pregnant. But in a later episode Dorothy faints after she finds out Sophia is marrying Max, Rose says she's never fainted before.
(22) During a flashback that shows Dorothy has a child she has a very blonde hair. In an unedited version of the episode with Max he says Dorothy used to have blonde hair. However, in all the flashbacks with Dorothy as a teenager and as an adult, she has very dark brown hair.
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Anonymous on 02-20-2001
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Chantay20 writes:
Michael could've been 23 in one episode and 30 in another. You don't know how much time was supposed to have passed. And why would they bring up Dorothy's Chronic Fatigue Syndrome again in another show? She found out what it was and she was dealing with it. So what they used the same house and sets for more than one purpose they do that with actors too. Just look at Miles. He played Arnie in another earlier episode who was also a boyfriend of Rose. And finally forget the hair dye. Haven't you ever heard of a person having blonde hair as a child and baby and as they get older it turns darker?
36 of 48 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes
R0fanJessie writes:
Those were good slip-ups, but no one has noticed the one with Stan and prom. One time, when Dorothy was tying Stan's tie, she said, "Oh, this reminds me of our prom." However, in another episode, the boy that was supposed to take Dorothy to prom looks her up. He tells her that Sophia turned him away at the door on prom night, and that he did not stand her up. She went home and yelled at Sophia saying something on the lines of, "I felt so bad that I was stood up that that is why I went out with Stan two weeks later and THAT is why I got knocked up..." :)
25 of 31 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes
Chantay20 writes:
It's possible for Dorothy and Stan to have been married for 38 years and have a 40 year old kid. Just because the actors look younger than they're actually planning means nothing. Look at Estelle Getty (Sophia). She was playing an 80 year old woman when she was actually only about 60.
25 of 37 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes
Kristy writes:
there's another slip-up that you should add..... the way the house is set up! the girls' bedrooms are to the right of the house as you're watching the show....right next to the kitchen. there is absoutly no room for their bedrooms between the hallway and the kitchen, it's just way too small. the 4 rooms plus bathrooms would take up the whole entire kitchen, their "supposed" garage, and most of their property.
12 of 12 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes
Ashlie writes:
Hey Darling, do you like the show, or do you sit and take notes of the mistakes. This is a tv show that aired for seven wonderful years, it was entertainment, not a autobiography of four actual people. Sometimes, like in any sitcom, things get jumbled a bit, for the sake of the episode. Laugh at it and don't take it so serious.
14 of 19 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes
Wrongway writes:
OK, the high school reunion episode wasn't Dorothy's real reunion. It was the girls crashing a reunion because Rose was sick and missed hers. And the thing about Dorothy's hair color; there is such a thing as hair dye.
25 of 42 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes
maalsboo writes:
The comment about Sofia's stories is not a very strong one. She often admits that her stories are made up, and in one episode says,"So what?! I'm old, I'm supposed to be colorful!" And finally, the comment about Sofia saying whe got Sal to quit gambling isn't strong either. In the episode where Sofia marries Max, they talk about how great it was when she, Sal, Max, and his wife were in business TOGETHER. So even if he did blow the business, it still could have been Sofia who convinced him to stop gambling. She WAS his wife, you know.
12 of 16 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes
cpr writes:
The episode with the house is actually Blanches' grandmothers house, not her fathers.
18 of 29 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes
Maggie writes:
Some of these slip-ups are good but most of them are incorrect. The ones about the children is good, the children have always confused me because it seems like they just throw them in as they feel like it. But the one with Sophia's stories. Most of the time when she refers to them Dorothy will say "ma your making that up!" Also most children have blonde hair and as they get older it darkens, me for instance. So I think your just a little confused.
9 of 12 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes
SexyNJ writes:
I will agree with some of the others that things can get jumbled. The one funny I remember is in the episode with Ruby Dee, Rudy called Blanche "Blanche Marie Hollingsworth"... But in the one where they were checking to see if Blanche slept with Charlie (Rose's husband), she grabbed the book at it said "BED" on it. BED stood for Blanche Elizabeth
3 of 3 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes
RedPenguin writes:
Surprised you never mentioned Miles. One episodes he's admitted as "Nicholas Carbone" and that he's not a real professor (witness protection). Then later episodes, he's still a professor and called Miles?
3 of 4 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes
Goose7777 writes:
When Rose was in the grocery store with Blanche discussing rooming with her, Rose had a cat and wanted to find a good home. Blanche said she liked cats also. But in later episodes, Dorothy commented to Rose that Rose was allergic to cats.
2 of 2 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes
brandinicole25 writes:
When Big Daddy dies, Blanche doesn't go to her grandmother's house; that is a different episode. She does go to her family's house. So it is a slip-up, but Golden Girls is full of them.
12 of 24 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes
Chantay writes:
First, Dorothy's hair was actually a dark brown in earlier clips when she was a kid. Rose said the Lindstrom's were her adoptive parents, not Nylunds. And, the lani (sp?) is actually to the RIGHT of the door, not left.
2 of 11 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes
RibbitGrl writes:
Estelle Getty was actually in her 40's-50's during the show.
7 of 26 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes
Homer writes:
This show works better than a cold shower.
12 of 41 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes

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